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Volumetric Feeder Scale

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Force Flow 5 Year Warranty
for Powders And Granulated Chemicals
Vessel Type: Volumetric Feeders
Capacity: Up to 3000 lbs (1500 kg)
Typical Applications: Fluoride * Calcium Hypochlorite * Potassium Permanganate * Carbon * Polymer

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Because dry bulk materials are not easily measured with other level technologies, using a weight-based chemical monitoring system eliminates many of the common problems associated with dry chemical measurement. The standard platform is protected with a corrosion resistant epoxy powder coated finish or is optionally available in 316 stainless steel. The platform has mounting holes pre-drilled in the platform to match your specific dry feeder and to make installation and start-up a snap.

Using our feeder scale for your inventory management results in an inexpensive, non-contacting, highly reliable method of measuring chemical feed rates and usages. The Volumetric Feeder Scale comes pre-calibrated, is easily installed by regular plant personnel, and with our 5-year warranty requires virtually no maintenance. With more than 30 years experience in manufacturing chemical weighing systems, our team of application specialists can help you with even the most specialized weighing requirement.


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