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Force Flow 5 Year Warranty
ECHO-SCALE™ Ultrasonic Sensors  
Vessel Type: Vertical flat bottom tanks
Capacity: Up to 10,000 gallons (4000 liters)
Range: 1 to 25 feet
Typical Applications: Applications: Fluoride * Polymer * Sodium Hypochlorite * Caustic * Alum * Sodium Bisulfite

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The Echo-Scale™ is the perfect chemical monitoring solution for large diameter tanks that cannot cost effectively be placed on a scale. Echo-Scale ultrasonic level sensors are ideal for monitoring sodium hypochlorite, fluoride, caustic and all other chemicals stored in bulk tanks or large day tanks at water and wastewater treatment plants.

The Echo-Scale sends out ultrasonic sound bursts to determine the chemical level in the tank. Then through our WIZARD 4000® or SOLO® 1000 indicators, the remaining chemical is displayed as a distance, weight or volume. Special Pulse R™ programming makes the Echo Scale ideal for chemicals that "gas-off" such as sodium hypochlorite. EZ CAL™ software makes set-up and calibration a snap. If local indication is not required, the Echo-Scale operates in "stand alone" mode by sending its 4-20mA signal straight to your computer or PLC.

The PVC/Kynar design of the Echo-Scale makes it extremely durable for use with most chemicals and three models are available to suit tank heights up to 25 feet.



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