Chlorine Container Storage Trunnions

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Force Flow 5 Year Warranty

CHLOR-SCALE® Storage Trunnions
For Chlorine and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Ton Containers

- Welded Steel Construction
- Allows Easy Positioning of Tank Valves

- Secures Tank During Storage

- UHMW Polyethylene or Bronze Bushed Steel Wheels

Chlor-Scale Roller Storage Trunnions are designed for the safe storage of ton containers of chlorine and sulfur dioxide at water and wastewater treatment plants. Storage Trunnions guarantee that the tanks will always be located in the correct spot and insure that tanks do not accidentally move.

The standard model uses UHMW polyethylene wheels on stainless steel axles to cradle the tank and allow rotation of the tank for valve positioning. Polyethylene is a self lubricating material eliminating the need for occasional greasing. The original bronze bushed bearing, zinc plated steel wheel design is still available upon request.


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Chlorine Ton Container

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