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For Monitoring Salt Levels in Brine Tanks
Vessel Type: Stationary Brine Tanks (Saturators)
Capacity: 120,000 lbs
Typical Applications: For monitoring salt level and consumption in brine tanks used for onsite sodium hypochlorite generation

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For onsite sodium hypochlorite generation to take place, a brine solution is needed that is typically created in a salt saturation tank or "brine tank". Salt is consumed as brine solution flows out to the generator and fresh water flows into the saturator. If the salt supply is totally consumed, sodium hypochlorite can no longer be generated.

In order to keep your salt supply at a secure level, the Brine-Scale from Force Flow easily and accurately allows you to monitor salt consumption and the remaining amount. The water levels in the saturator tank typically remain constant so the weight of the water is eliminated and only the actual weight of the salt is displayed. Locally monitor the salt level with either the Wizard 4000 or SOLO 1000 digital indicators and also remotely monitor the system at your control room by sending data via the 4-20mA outputs.

The heavy-duty Brine-Scales are protected with our exclusive 80 mil thick, Tuf-Coat™ finish that prevents corrosion. Platforms come with either adjustable tank anchoring/restraint clips mounted directly to the scale platform or, for tanks with integral hold down lugs, the platform is pre-drilled to allow the lugs to be secured directly to the platform deck.

The restraint clips provide lateral tank stability and can be used in conjunction with our hold down straps to further secure the tank for extreme protection in the event of a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake or high winds.


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