Know Your Hypo Inside And Out Of The Tank

As the popularity of sodium hypochlorite grows as an alternative to chlorine gas for water and wastewater disinfection, plant operators are seeing the importance of accurately monitoring their hypo use, similar to when they used chlorine gas.

Our non-contacting, non-invasive monitoring systems are perfect for portable hypo tanks that you change out frequently and for larger stationary tanks you refill from bulk. Wouldn't you like a warning if your chemical feed system entered into a dangerous overfeed or underfeed condition? What about a no feed condition caused by a vapor locked metering pump? Our Wizard 4000+ provides up to four alarm relays that can do just that. Want proof of how much you actually feed? Simply let our systems tell you your exact chemical status.

Whether you feed from a small 5-gallon carboy, 55-gallon drum, large day tanks up to 1000 gallons or even straight from your bulk supply tank, our tank scales or ultrasonic sensors can deliver the critical information first to one of our local displays and then on to your SCADA system for remote monitoring.

And don't forget, all our chemical monitoring systems come fully covered by our exclusive 5-Year Warranty/Performance Guarantee™ combo. Let our monitoring systems help insure you are operating a safe and efficient chemical feed system.

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