Using a Force Flow scale means choice!

At Force Flow, we do not take a "One size fits all" approach to your chemical monitoring needs. We have developed many different types of instrument systems so you can match your exact requirements. With multiple choices available in each of our five instrument categories, you can rest assured that we have the specific equipment you need. In addition, we specialize in custom hardware and software for the most unusual instrumentation applications!

When specifying a scale for your chemical inventory needs, there are three technologies that we offer:

HYDRAULIC SCALES: The hydraulic load cell is comprised of a piston bonded to a rolling diaphragm floating over a cylinder of hydraulic fluid. The piston receives the load and converts that force (or weight) into a proportional pressure signal which is sent via hydraulic tubing to a bourdon tube type of dial indicator. These scales are ideal for applications which require:
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Rugged construction, reliable operation and a 5 year warranty
  • No electric power
  • Immunity to RFI, EMI, loss of power and lightning strikes
  • Intrinsically safe design

ELECTRONIC SCALES: The electronic load cell scale is comprised of a shear beam strain gauge load cell mounted in a hardware assembly. The shear beam load cell accepts load at one end of the beam and thus deflects (or strains) the Wheatstone bridge within the load cell. This deflection causes a change in microvoltage proportional to the applied load which is read out on our multi-channel digital weight indicators. Electronic scales are ideal for applications which require:
  • High resolution and sensitivity, particularly in chemical feed systems with low feed rates
  • Sophisticated consumption and trending data such as feed rates and daily usages.
  • Multiple scale monitoring on a single instrument.
  • Feed rate alarms and transfer pump controls

CROSS TECHNOLOGY SCALES: The best of two worlds have merged through CROSS TECHNOLOGY to create durable and economical digital weight instrumentation which requires no line voltage. CROSS TECHNOLOGY blends our rugged and reliable hydraulic load cell with an easy to read digital indicator or 4-20 ma transmitter. The SOLO XT or SATELLITE transmitter converts the hydraulic pressure signal from the load cell to an electronic signal that can be either read on a digital display and/or transmitted remotely. Cross technology scales are ideal for applications which require:
  • Intrinsic Safety or Explosion proof rating
  • When line voltage is unavailable
  • Low cost Digital indication is required

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